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Frozen Pipes a common problem?

Are frozen pipes a common problem in your home? With lack of proper insulation, frozen pipes on exterior walls are all too common on freezing cold days. There are a couple of options you can take to prevent the pipes from freezing without opening the walls.

If the plumbing to your sink is prone to freezing, leaving the cabinet doors open may do the trick. Allowing the heat from your living space to enter under the cabinet may be enough to prevent the pipes from freezing.

Also, allowing the faucet to run at a light drip, causing constant water flow may also help prevent the pipes from freezing over.

Home owners should never use a plumbing torch to try to defrost the pipes. Improper use of plumbing torches could result in a fire causing catastrophic losses. It would be best to utilize a heat gun or a hair dryer in an attempt to defrost the frozen pipes.

If you have pipes that are known to freeze, it is important to know where the water valves are located to isolate the pipes and ensure they are readily available if the need arises.

Ask your home inspector for any additional ideas on how to prevent pipes from freezing in the future.

Frozen pipes can cause
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